Sunday, December 14, 2008

say No to dieting

I am tired of trying to reduce my fat…I hate dieting.. I can do only for initial 2 days..If ppl wil bring black forest and truffle cakes in front of me..nobody can resist..

You would be thinking y don’t I work out..yaar I joined gym few months was really difficult towake up early in morning from bed especially when ur brother-sis are sleeping so peacefully around u..after killing my heart,I started going to gymmm..fat ladies strated saying “y do u work out u r so slim”..abey yaar hippo is always slim in front of elephant……And I saw gym instructor throwing party in morning..I must say these ladies cant resist kashori-allu and lassi..

Everybody is bullying me by saying moootii-moooti…ehhhhhh…disgusting man!!!!!!!!!!These ppl have forgt that 2 yr back they used to call me skelton…

So moral of the story is ppl will keep on torturing by saying these ugly words..u should not get affected and don’t forget to wear loose clothes instead of doing gym or painful dieting….

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